Re: Road Reconciliation

Thanks Eric. She’s planning on mailing the check in the next day or so. She’s very happy with the kitchen and it really does look terrific. Thanks for all your hard work! You’ve been a pleasure to work with and we’d be happy to refer you to anyone we know who might be in need of your services.

Have a great day!

Re: 103-105 Update

Thank you for cooperation, understanding, patience with changes and your relentless push towards project completion. We are finally home.
Arun and I really appreciate all you did over the course of last four months.

Thanks again,

Compliments for A&E Restoration

Hi Kim,

I just wanted to thank you for recommending A&E Restoration and Cleaning after the hurricane. Eric Kiesewetter was extremely responsive to my phone call and came out very quickly to assess my situation. He got the ball rolling as soon as possible by removing my smelly carpeting, wet walls and drying the basement out. I know so many people who had to wait weeks for anyone to come and help so I felt really well taken care of by you for getting back to me so quickly and then the tact that you hooked me up with such an excellent contactor.

A&E continued to be attentive throughout the process of putting my basement back together as well as helping to deal with insurance adjustors and questions. So thanks again for all your help and I also wanted to put in a good word for A&E.

Please also pass this on to ________


Project Completed


I would thank you for he work you did at our home.

I must say for the amount of work that had to be done you moved very timely. And your knowledge through this whole procedure was priceless. I don’t think I would have been able to handle this situation if it weren’t for you and your staff.

Your staff was by far the best I’ve ever seen; they were very polite, knowledgeable and professional. They always answered my questions and addressed my concerns expeditiously. The craftsmanship they performed was perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better job.

I know I was a bit of pain towards the end and I’m sure you deal with people’s frustrations during a project like this.

I just wanted you to know this. We were very satisfied with your company and your employees. When you said you would be here you were always here, and you said you would do something it was always done. The bottom line is when you said something it was honest and I never had to worry about anything, that is very rare today. I can’t say enough good things about your company, you and your staff. Please use me for a ref anytime you need one.

Again, thank you.