lighningWe experience a wide range of weather in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. When conditions change suddenly, the result is often severe storms, including lightning. Damage caused by a direct strike is often visible immediately, but it can also cause a small spark that may smolder for hours before the structure goes up in flames. Even when lightning does not hit a structure directly, the current can travel along electrical conduit and water pipes, damaging plumbing, electrical systems and electronics.

At A&E Restoration and Building, we have restored numerous small businesses and homes damaged by lightning and storms. We will respond quickly to your call, secure your property to prevent further damage, explain how we can restore your property and take the time to answer all of your questions. We will keep you informed about every phase of the restoration process and work closely with your insurance provider to make the process as efficient and cost effective as possible.

If your home or small business has been damaged by lightning or other forms of severe weather, contact the NJ and PA lightning damage restoration specialists at A&E Restoration and Building today.

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