vehicularCars and trucks crashing into a home or small business occur more frequently than you might think. The extent of the damage varies widely. For example, a car “bumping into” a garage wall or door can damage drywall. When a car or truck breaches the structure itself, the damage is obvious and extensive. When a breach occurs, the structure typically needs to be evaluated for hidden damages as well, from the roof to the basement.

At A&E Restoration and Building, we are committed to providing homeowners and small business owners with timely and top-quality reconstruction following damage caused by a vehicular impact. Our services in this area include:

  • Structural/Engineering assessment
  • Temporary structural support
  • Brick, masonry and framing repairs
  • Repairs to commercial storefronts
  • Window, door, wall and drywall repairs
  • And more

We will clearly explain to you what we plan to do to restore your property and keep you informed every step of the way. We will also work closely with your insurance provider.

If your home or small business has been damaged by a vehicle, contact the New Jersey and Pennsylvania vehicular impact damage restoration specialists at A&E Restoration and Building today.

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